Unique url to a task

I would like to be able to link tasks between github and asana.

The problem is that the urls of tasks are dependant on which projects the task lives in.

If I move a task between project the url changes. This causes a lot of problems for us, since we might have a task that is in a sprint project, then we start implementing the task, and aste the whole asana url in the commit message.
If the task is not completed in that sprint and we move it to the next sprint, the url changes and all our commit message links will not work.

I see a simple solution for this.

By being able to refer to a immutable task url we can use githubs “Autolink references” to add something like
ASANA-1174218213690729 to the commit message
but for this to work we need to be able to link to a taskID
if asana could add a url that looks like this https://app.asana.com/task/{taskID}
and if you are logged in it takes the first project from the tasks project array and redirects to the full url https://app.asana.com/0/{projectID}/{taskID}

If this is not feasible or you have other plans for solving this kind of problem, please describe what your plans are so we can feel confident how to proceed in the matter.

Hi @LeonRadley,

I would aso recommend adding your vote to Native Github + Asana Integration :slight_smile: