Unique indentifier for each task

We have different projects and when we create a new task we have to manually assign an unique identifier at the beginning of the line like "UD-20.268 Bug fix payment module by card’. We found that soemtimes we assign the same identifier to different tasks.
Even though we have a search box on the upper right corner to check if an specific task ID already exists (UD-20.268), it would be great if Asana can assign an unique identifier to each new task automatically.
Currently we have to manually search if an specific ID exists in order to increase it the autonumeric part.

Suggestion for the creation of the unique indentifier:
Could be just a plain integer autonumeric or much better follow a pattern (Since there might be different projects). Like:
.- Two letters (initial letters of the current project). For eample: UD
.- a hyphen
.- current year
.- a dot
.- integer autonumeric part.

UD-19.001 (stands for firtst task in year 2019 for the project UD)

RE-20.001 (stands for firts task in year 2020 for the project RE)

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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