Unicorn and Asana creatures celebration hack - motivation for tasks


Hi, our team is new to Asana. We are loving it so far, and everyone is really motivated by the celebrations. I know hacks are temporary and not guaranteed, but our manager is curious as to how this one works.

Two questions… (1) Not all of us get the narwal unicorn awesomeness when we complete a task. In fact, I do not see a unicorn hack or celebration option in my profile settings. I do have an extra delight option, but that’s it. Is this related to OS versions? Or PC vs Mac?
(2) Do the unicorns (etc) not appear every time you complete a task?

Thanks very much!

Customizable Celebrations/Badges

@Kate1, so glad you love our celebration family! We do too :slight_smile:

  • To enable celebrations, you’ll find the option under “My Profile Settings…” > “Display” > “Show occasional celebrations upon task completion”
  • They won’t appear everytime you complete a Task, so keep up the productivity to see them fly across your screen!


Love the unicorns AND the bats AND the Tab B’s! Super fun!


Is it possible I’m one of the few humans on earth who isn’t motivated by a flying unicorn?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the celebrations! In an effort to spare my team more tales of woe I’m coming to the community with this request.
What would motivate me you ask? Why a big “fist pump” popping from my screen. Or perhaps the occasional high-five.

Wondering if there are plans to add a suite of celebrations from which we could choose?



I don’t mind the existing celebrations - the unicorn is very popular round here - but I do wish they’d go a tiny bit slower. I don’t know if it’s because we use virtual desktops, but sometimes the celebrations whizz up the screen so quickly I can barely see them. :unicorn:


They can pry the narwhals and unicorn celebrations from my cold dead hands tbqh.