Unfollow Tasks after template created

I am responsible for making a lot of our templates. This includes templates for executive team. Imagine my surprise when I started getting updates on tasks for an executive meeting. I have since manually gone through and deleted myself as a follower on any tasks I’ve created in the handful of templates.

2 questions:

  1. Is there a way to mass remove myself from the tasks after I’ve created a new template?
    • I tried to set up a template, duplicate it and say don’t copy followers, and it still copied me.
    • I tried removing myself from the project and i was still following the tasks (which i realize is as intended)
  2. Is there a way to mass add a follower to a projects tasks
    • Once a template is utilized, the new owner for that project may need to be a follower on all
      the tasks as if they had just created them, even in some cases putting myself back on them.

Hey Chris, the same thing happened to me. I have a product request in with Asana to remove the template owner from projects created from the template. Perhaps auto removal of the owner from following all tasks would be a great addition. My workaround for the task following issue is to multi-select all the tasks (50 at a time) and then I remove myself as follower. Hope that helps.


Multi select to remove and add does work, thank you - I thought I had tried that.

Yes it would be helpful to add some feature. Maybe when you ‘add new project’ one step is to identify if anyone should be task followers of all items as owner or otherwise.

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Multi select and unfollow is indeed the way to go!


Welcome to the Community, Chris! I use the same method as Stephen and Bastien. I hadn’t been utilizing my Asana Inbox extensively and as our team expanded, I suddenly ended up with far more notifications. The multi-select and unfollow saved me lots of time!

Ok, so how about when the project is a board. I tried to multiselect, and then select one and it of course opens up just one task. I (un)followed that task and closed. The others were still selected so I was hopeful, but it didn’t work. Did I miss something?

To multi select in a board you need to run an advanced search for tasks in this project and multi select the search result…