unexpected behavior moving group of tasks section-to-section via keyboard shortcut

In My Tasks one can select multiple items then move them up/down from section-to-section easily using the Command-Up/Down Arrow (on Mac) keyboard shortcut. However, doing so within a Project yields unexpected behavior in that the group of selected items will move to the next section up/down but on a repeated keystroke (while items remain selected) only the item in which focus is present continues to move to the next selection. The other selected items do NOT move. This is causing me all sorts of headaches and hope the issue gets fixed so that moving multiple items via keystroke within Projects works as it does (and should) within My Tasks.

Thank you for reaching out @Bill_Doerrfeld and sincere apologies for the delay in responding.

I just tested on my end following the steps you have explained and I got the same behaviour both in My Tasks and in a Project - all selected tasks are moving up/down when using the Command-Up/Down Arrow.

If you are still experiencing this issue I would recommend you to test it on a different browser and incognito windows to see if the issue persists. I would also recommend you update your browser to the latest version and/or to clear your browser’s history.

If none of the steps previously mentioned solves the issue, please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to assist you further.

I’m using latest version of Mac Google Chrome. Testing now again. Behavior works as expected going from expanded section to expanded section. Behavior does not work as expected going from expanded section to non-expanded section. On that note, it would be nice to have a quick way to expand/collapse all sections (such as via option-click on expand/collapse arrow) as is common with virtually all other apps offering hierarchical outline views. This would assist with alleviating this issue as well as provide other benefits such as clearing up clutter quickly.

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