"Uncomplete" tasks


Is there a way at the conclusion of a project that I can restore all of my completed tasks so I can “reuse” that project again? Another reason to be able to do that is to restore a project after all the tasks needed have been thought of which may be difficult to do when planning a project.


You need to create a template to achieve this :wink:


Right, I know about templates but it doesn’t quite get me where I want to go. If we add to the project as we go, the template originally created isn’t current any longer. It can be difficult to anticipate all aspects of a project at the outset which is why if I could “recall” all of the completed tasks afterwards we’d have a better template for the next use of that project.


You could just copy the project, with all its completed tasks, rename the copy, and bulk uncomplete all its tasks in list view. (There may be a maximum of 50 for such bulk edits.) Would that work?


Yes! That’s what I think needs to happen but how do I bulk uncomplete tasks or even see completed tasks in a project?


You can multi-select the completed tasks and uncomplete them all at once. For info on multi-selecting tasks to edit them, see:

For info on changing the view of a List-view project so as to see completed tasks:

You can similarly change the view in a Board-view project to see completed tasks:


Templates not evolving when you update the project is indeed an issue in your case, I think it never will though. Thanks Stephanie and Phil for your advices!


You all are great! That’s exactly what I needed to know.

FYI, I’m helping a non-profit (morganadamsfoundation.org) organize their events in Asana which I think will be a terrific tool for them. We do similar events each year, so the first time through we’ll create projects for each event, flesh them out as we go, then after the event, “reconstitute” all of the completed tasks and then save that project as a template to be used the next year. Should work well.

Thank you!


Thanks for sharing the story behind your question @James_Stiehr :slight_smile: Just in case it is useful to you and the Morgan Adams Foundation, we just launch a new program for non-profit; you can check it out here: https://asana.com/nonprofit