Unauthenticated email group for guest user?


We use Asana and have a customer also using it. The customer added some of our staff as Guests to a joint project they are working on, they added them in as individuals but also want to add a group email that we had already set up. Anything from Asana is not going through the group email address. The customer is telling us the only way around this to make it an unauthenticated email group. Has this come up as an issue for anyone else using Guest permissions?

I’ve searched everwhere and have been unable to find out anything regarding group emails and the permissions for guest users.



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So you want a group email to be a member so everyone receives the notifications, correct?

What does “Anything from Asana is not going through the group email address” mean? That you don’t receive the notifications? And what is a “unauthenticated email group”?

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Yes we want the group email to be a member so the email group will receive all notifications and updates regarding the project.

To break this down further here is the explanation of what we need:
We are running Asana under our company domain, it is all internal no customers have guest access.

Our customer is also using Asana and has added a few of our staff members to a project of as guest users.

We have an existing authenticated group email for our staff members involved with this Customer.

The customer wants to add this group email into the project under guest permissions so Asana updates and notifications involving this project will be sent to this group email address.

So for example, the email XYZgroup@example.com would be added to the customer’s project as a guest.

The customer says the only way that a group email such as this can be added into the project under guest privileges is if it is changed to be an unauthenticated email distribution group.

I need to know if this the only way to add our group email XYZgroup@example .com to their project. And if so what is the reasoning behind to change it to unauthenticated?



Thanks, the thing I don’t get is what is a authenticated or unauthenticated email group? :thinking:



When you add an guest email address to Asana. The first thing it does is send a login/create account email to that address.
Does that get to the individuals in the email group?
If not it might be somehow Asana recognises that it is a group email and stops the sending. @Marie is that possible?
Or maybe it is at your end that is blocking the distribution of the email to the group some email groups can’t receive emails from external to your organisation email addresses. Can you send an email to that group from a personal email or from your customers email.

If the email is getting through to your group then someone will need to create an Asana account using that email address and create a password, which maybe where the “unauthenticated group email” comes from @Bastien_Siebman. Until the account is created in Asana I don’t think the notification will work.




You’re 100% right @Jason_Woods, @kathie.rickard, you will need to create an Asana account with that group email address in order to receive notifications via this email address!

Let us know if that works!

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Support was able to resolve this for us., there was a bug that was limiting the email group. There was no need for us to create an Asana account for that email group since we are only guests on the project in question.



And you receive notifications without signing up?

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Yes it’s working.

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Great news @kathie.rickard.