Unable to zoom in on attached images



Unable to zoom in on attached images. Used to be able to zoom in on an attached image when you clicked on it but ever since there was a change made to show a carousel type preview you no longer can zoom in until you download the photo and open it in windows preview. Very annoying, really need to be able to zoom in on an image without downloading it.


I am moving your message to the Product Feedback category (Site feedback is about the Community site).
Do you think it’s a bug?


I think it’s just an oversight when the way you view an image was changed. I was able to do it before because there was no image viewing interface, it was just opening the file in chrome and by default they allow you to zoom in. But now since it opens in the Asana interface with the carousel, you can’t zoom in.


Very well analyzed Corey :+1: looks like it indeed