Unable to reassign task

One of our main Asana members is unable to assign tasks all of a sudden. They get the following error message:


There’s no reason this person should not be able to assign tasks - nothing’s changed, and they’ve always owned assigning these tasks before.

He’s able to assign SOME but not others.

Any ideas?

Hello @Liz_Ziser,

and the member still has edit rights in this project?
Can she perform other actions such as edit the description or that isn‘t working either?

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They are not able to edit the description or assign any other tasks.

None of our projects are “shared” with this person - they are just public to a team in which they have access to.

To provide more context: This is our operations queue manager who is responsible for divvying out all our tasks (hundreds a week). They were able to reassign tasks all this time - through yesterday, and this morning. Then all of a sudden, were able to just a couple hours ago. No changes on our end in terms of permissions.

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Hey @Liz_Ziser,

Try having them clear their browser cache, sign out, reboot and try again.

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Hi @Liz_Ziser, I suggest you reach out to our Support team with the URL to the task and they will be able to look into this further for you, as they have access to tools that we don’t have here on the Community team to look into specific details.

I hope this helps!

This didn’t work for us. :frowning:

Okay, I have contacted support.


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