Unable to drag and drop to reorder tasks


I think this was working fine as of last week, but today I’m unable to drag and drop tasks – either in list view or board view. The hand cursor appears, but clicking and dragging doesn’t do anything. I know that you can’t drag tasks when sorted by due date, but I have sort set to None.

I tried Chrome 67.0.3396.87, Firefox 60.0.2, and Edge and got the same result. Disabling extensions also had no effect.


Temporary glitch, I guess, as it’s working fine now.


We are seeing this issue on some of our machines too.
Latest Chrome version.


Hmm ok, it is gone now, after restarting the PC.
So if anyone encounters this, try updating chrome and then restarting the computer.


I have noticed that behavior in chrome with certain addons like mouse-gestures. Disabling them could be a possible solution too.


I couldn’t drag and drop with the task details open even though I could grab the task - closing the details view allowed me to move the task…