Unable to create priority tag when user is creating a sub task

summary: i want to create a priority tag with a subtask but im unable to do so, i have checked the keyboard shortcuts as well but nothing helpful there regarding this issue.

screenshot of the above mentioned issue

Hi @nomanulhaq and welcome to the forum!

When you say “a priority tag”, are you referring to a tag or perhaps you mean a “Priority” custom field?

Depending on which of those you mean, the answer will be different…

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i mean to say that in normal task where we can select priority tag in which we have set options like high,medium low so these options are working for me in normal task but not in subtasks.

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``yes my admin has created priority field as custom field

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A subtask is not part of its parent task project, so the custom fields you might have on the main project can not be selected in the subtask. That is expected behavior. The solutions are: 1. Not use subtask, because they are very limited 2. Add the subtask to the project itself, but I really don’t recommend it 3. Add the subtask to another project with the same custom field.


thanks Bastien and Phil for a swift reply… :white_check_mark:

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