Unable to attach files using Google Drive

I’m having issues with attaching files to my account using google drive. This is a personal account.


Hi @Sarah_Reyes, thanks for reaching out!

We have a thread related to this topic, please find more details below:

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi. I’m having Issues linking my google drive account (which is a personal account) to my Asana Team account. I’ve tried adding this to my cookies [*}google.com as suggested in the forums. Still not working. I don’t seem to encounter this problem with my laptop. This only happens when I’m usting my desktop computer.

Thanks for getting back to us @Sarah_Reyes and sorry to hear the issue persists! Can you confirm if the issue persists when you try from a incognito window? If you are able to connect, please disable any browser extensions you have turned on.

I also recommend you following these steps that could solve the issue:

Looking forward to your reply!

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