Un-assigned and un-projected tasks


Hi there,

we are using asana for dental office. So far, so good.

We have some bad feelings about the performance. We are afraid that someday asana would break down. We know that it should not break down when you dont have more than 500 tasks in one project.

But what if we would not give a task a project nor a assigned member. it does not appear anywhere and that is what we want exactly. In general a patient is in treatment and then we create a project “treatment a”. After the first treatment is done he gets another treatment and we put him in “treatment b”. Of course there a other patients in Treatment A and B. It figured out that this is for us the most practical way to use asana. After the patient went through every treatment we want to un-assign and un-project him.

The question is: will asana getting slower if we have 10000 unassigned and un-projected tasks some day?

Thank you very much.


You should have a look at Maximum amount of projects/tasks


@Das_Praxisteam I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying using Asana for your dental office. I’ll +1 @Bastien_Siebman’s comment and suggest that you visit this post in particular from the thread he links to:

@Michael_A outlines in detail considerations you’ll want to keep in mind as you explore the size of your projects.


Thank you very much. We are not quite sure which way we should go. I remember the link Bastian mentioned. We did not quite understand which way is better.

We had a conversation with Cosmina, she prefered the patient/tasks method, Michael would go a step further and suggests the patient/project method.

We recently found out by accident that you can have a task without assigning it to any project or any member. So we thought (maybe that is not right) that this maybe would not brake the system because we would not have projects with 5000+ tasks or the other method 5000+ projects with only few tasks in it.

So to summon it up: we understood that we should not have to many tasks in a project. How is it with projects? Would asana go down if we would have 8000+ Projects? We dont care if a project would be hard to find, we would go over the search bar anyway to select a patient (this is what we do now anyway)

And how is it with tasks that have no projects and no assigned member? they would not be in any project listed and so there would be no delay?

Thank you


To piggyback off of this question, this is the first I am hearing about performance issues, we have support queues that have hundreds of closed tickets in them. We have been using ASANA for 3+ years now. What is your suggestion for this? I’d hate to have different projects for time periods that would make it difficult to know where to find something.


Hi @Das_Praxisteam and @Jeanine_Scott,
I think @Michael_A’s explanation is more thorough than anything I’d be able to add here. But, let’s see what we can do. Ultimately, you of course need to shape your workflow to your needs. If you have a system that works for you now and it hasn’t caused you trouble, that’s great. However, we do encourage you to be mindful of the quantity of tasks in any given project. Personally, I feel that using more projects with specific purposes or time periods (ex. Requests for Q1, 2018) helps me keep things more organized.