UI Update: Adding Simple Buttons to Add Time to "Acutal Hours"

I have to contently update my hours on several tasks. It would be nice to have a few simple button to the right of “Actual Hours” like “+0.25 hours” “+0.50 hours” “+1 hour” “+2 hours” so I don’t get any math wrong and don’t have to click and highlight the numbers I want to change. Thank you!

Where do you store your hours? Because Asana does not have any time tracking capability, so you might be referring to a 3rd party app…


Hey Bastien, sorry for the confusion. We are using a custom numerical field. I’m interested in buttons that allow for increases/decreases at set increments.

Ok, upon closer inspection, there are arrows that can do this while in Chrome. I was using Internet Explorer which doesn’t have this feature. Sorry for taking up some of your time!

Yes this is a browser feature, not related to Asana.