UI Navigation change: Only 7 Team Members displayed in the left sidebar


Hi @Will_Bramhill :wave:t3: I can confirm that you (or your colleague) can join as many Team as they like, they will all show in your left sidebar. This restriction only applies to Team member profile picture display! Just in case, here is the best way to invite your colleague to your Team


i still can;t find a fix or workaround for being able to display more than 7 team members at once. What’s the answer?


Hi @gail_brisco,

There is no workaround to display more than 7 Members at once in your sidebar, however, you can access the lost of team members following these steps.

Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!


I would also like to register my concern that there are only 7 of x members of a team available that I can click on their profile pic and see all their tasks. It’s not an efficient feature if I can’t do the same for the rest of the members of the team. Why are there only 7, I just don’t understand that reasoning? There used to be a “+” there showed the remainder of the team so you could 1) see all the members on the team 2) see all the tasks associated with that team member. having to go up to the search and enter their name is just not efficient. it should be one click from the profile pic. Plz return this feature back. the ui change was a definite step backward in this capability of asana in this case. thanks for your attention to continually improving our asana experience.

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This issue has guidance from you, referring people to different support threads, but they are circular references: some lead to this thread, some lead to the thread you link to above, others lead to a project navigation post, and so on.

Above, you say this is not a bug but it is a result of a UI change. I disagree, this is certainly a bug.

It is stated this isn’t a bug because you can click on team and then click on a team members picture to see their tasks. That is NOT the case. This team page only shows 5 members of the team and then you click on “See all members”. This page shows all team members, but none of them are clickable to then see their tasks.

The other workaround is to do an advanced search of tasks assigned to a specific team member, but this is a hacked workaround to the bug, not a solution. IMPORTANT DISTINCTION: When I click on a team member in the left navigation, I can see their version of “My Tasks”, which for each individual is a project named “FirstName’s Tasks”. This view shows their triage categorization of New, Today, Upcoming, or Later. These triage categories are not visible when you do an advanced search for all tasks assigned to someone. These triage categories are CRITICAL because we use them to teach team members how to prioritize their tasks and work, using Asana. If I cannot review this for a team member then I cannot help them in this process.

Please let me know when this bug is fixed. Thanks!


Hi @Brian_J_Frumberg and many thanks for your comments. My apologies for the confusion, this was by no means my intention. I initially thought this was a bug, but confirmed later on with our Development Team that this was part of a larger UI update; you can learn more about this update in the following guide article: https://asana.com/guide/help/faq/navigation-updates

I’m aware this change has disturbed some of our customers’ workflow and I’ve tried to think of the best way to work around these issues - and I’m sorry to hear that these options do not suit your team.

Thanks again for taking the time to submit your feedback and to tell us in details why this change is affecting your Team’s work; I’ll make sure to escalate these comments to our Team.

All the best,



I do not understand at all. In the previous UI, you could view the My Tasks (the project named “FirstName’s Tasks”) for every employee on the team. Now, you can only view that for the 7 people that show up in the left side bar, making it impossible to see that view for your other team members (that is less than half my team). How is this not a bug?

It’s A Bug:

The new UI has unintentionally crippled the previously available view for some, not all, team member tasks. That is the definition of a bug. Just because the team doesn’t plan to fix it doesn’t mean it’s not a bug.

It Should Be Fixed/Unbroken:

You have enough user furor, across multiple support threads, to justify fixing the bug.

My Task View Is A Killer Feature…that’s broken:

The ability to organize tasks for an individual, agnostic to project… the My Task view of New, Today, Upcoming, Later… for me these were the killer features bringing me to Asana over other project management platforms. But, as I’m sure you all are aware, getting people to use this appropriately, to regularly prioritize and re-prioritize their tasks, it’s hard and coaching my team to do this as one of my top responsibilities as the manager of the entire team. Not being able to see this view makes it impossible for me to see how my team is prioritizing their tasks for themselves, impossible for me to give them feedback in this critical area unless I’m standing over their shoulder.

This is a killer feature and the new UI crippled it. It’s a bug. And it should be fixed.




@Brian_J_Frumberg, I didn’t get this particular detail before you laid it out. There is only one place you can click on an Asana user and jump to their My Tasks list. Why have the function, but not fully deploy it? I’m guessing this finer point is going to get lost in this topic. Especially when the title doesn’t match the main idea.

I would suggest creating a new topic in Product Feedback asking for this functionally to be provided in more places. Like the Team page. (While also being sure to list all Team members on the Team page.)


Has this been fixed? Or is there a way to select which 7 members’ icons are shown?