UI Improvements

My partner and I have just started using Asana to plan our startup. We are VERY annoyed at not being able to get less then a minimum 5-seat license, as we don’t want to pay $40/month extra for seats we aren’t using. But that’s not what this post is about.

Some of us really like a “tree” view of tasks. Of course tasks in Asana can have subtasks, and this is (barely visible) noted next to the main task. But it’s not very helpful since you have to go into the task details to view the subtasks. I would love to see a “tree” view where sbutasks are listed under parent tasks and can be expanded and collapsed. Also, it would be great to be able to see the description along with with a task in the main screen rather than having to open the details. These things would really help the “at a glance” usefulness. I realize that maybe not all people want this behavior. You could just put a tree/no tree toggle on the top, and a checkbox in your user profile that says “show descriptions under tasks.” (maybe limit the length to a few lines).

The tree subtask would be even more useful if tasks were hierarchical, so subtasks could have subtasks themselves. Sometimes tasks get very detailed with lots and lots of subtasks. I guess we could use dependencies (if we wanted to pay for three empty seats) but this works just as well and can easily be visually seen in a timeline as well.

There is some hope on the horizon on that subject; see:

Asana allows this now. When you are focused on a subtask in the task detail pane, you can choose to create a subtask. There’s no defined limit to how many levels of subtasks of subtasks you can create.

Asana is working on some improvements to subtask display. Keep your eyes on this forum for more info soon.

In addition, you might want to check out my upcoming Desksana integration. I have reworked several of the technologies I plan to use, so it’s back to an early stage of development, but you can sign up to express interest.