UI change - Project tabs/buttons in tasks pushed down


I have been following this thread since the change. The only part of the change which we have a problem with is the moving of the “Project” area on the task view. This became a larger issue during training this past week. I was training new users on how to use multi home and the training videos are out of date.

Since it appears these changes won’t be converted back, is Asana going to update all the tutorials to handle the new format?


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Man, I really wish this would get addressed. I was in meeting with our CEO on Friday. He was in a task we were all reading through the description on screen and because the description field was so long it was hard to find what project the task was assigned to. 2 people took the mouse to scroll and try to find the projects/tags area. Each scrolled through it twice. It’s so hidden. Really should be at the top as users utilize the description field more and more as a notes area. We loose context of which project this is assigned to.

223 comments and growing.

Maybe we’ll get some Asana attention on this soon?


If you guys are such power users, then just use the shortcuts? No need for UI.


Yes the Tab-P shortcut is a good way to quickly get to the Projects section of a Task. But it still doesn’t solve the fundament problem that a long Task description separates a Task’s name, assignee, due date, etc, from the Projects the Task belongs too.

The primary request here, is to keep all the Task “metadata” together to be viewable at once.

If you were to design a program that list the files in a file system, you wouldn’t list the file name, owner, dates, then show the file contents, and then list file type after the contents.


I can’t agree enough with that last sentence, Vince.

Whenever I’m training a new employee at our company on Asana, and they haven’t yet added the CSS that my colleagues wrote to fix the project-below-description issue, I literally can’t look at their Asana to help them out, because it’s so frustrating.

For those of you newer on this thread who haven’t read the backlog, there are a few different CSS fixes posted earlier here that will help you out. I still think Asana should fix it though, and listen to its userbase.

Our company is also considering moving away from Asana. It wouldn’t be my preference, since I still like Asana (given I am using a CSS fix for this issue), but I can see why they are considering it.


It’s about much more than editing it…

The project a task is part of is essential metadata and should be visible in the same area as all the other metadata.

Using tab-p just to find the project is a ridiculous workflow. It also necessitates clicking out in order to see the category within a project that a task is in. Due to the already numerous pitfalls of using Asana, we’ve taken to using categories within a project as workflow states. With those, using the tab-p shortcut results in the following steps:

  1. Keyboard shortcut tab-p
  2. click out of projects list
  3. Look at project
  4. if adjusting the step, click on workflow state to adjust.

Alternately, you can scroll down below the description. I just worked on a task with over a dozen comments and a description containing the entirety of an email chain involving over 40 messages, so that’s not a great workflow either.

With the previous workflow:

  1. Look at project
  2. if adjusting the step, click on workflow state to adjust.

There’s the added problem that all of us “power users” are not the only ones using these systems. Sometimes we’re managing dozens of other people who are completely clueless about using computer systems in general and Asana specifically. Expecting everyone to just know these shortcuts is misguided. Promoting it as the primary way to access this feature (as Asana’s forum team is doing) is idiotic. It’s bad design, and bad customer service.


Well said! I 100% agreed.

I spend a lot of time cleaning up task descriptions specifically to avoid the issue you’ve stated below – time I definitely don’t have to spend on things like this.


Bummer that this still hasn’t been addressed by Asana…


I sincerely doubt it will. They’ve chosen their path, and chosen to ignore any feedback on this issue. This thread might as well be closed for all the good it’s done.


Wish this issue were already resolved :frowning:


Try hitting “tab” after Tab+P, then you’ll be able to add it to an additional project!


Thanks @Jordan_Katz. I tried it out and that worked. I appreciate your help.


Just came by again to say my team is still not used to and not liking hunting down project names and having “Tags” hidden in the more menu instead of directly accessible by click (I’ve tried to get used to keyboard shortcuts, but that slows me down for different reasons - can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened a new tab in Chrome - tab+ as shortcut so unnatural compared to ctrl+)


I guess it’s unlikely at this point that we’ll see Asana change the UI?


I’ve posted several times on this topic (one post ASANA moderators removed because they didn’t like what I had to say). I wish we had more votes. 166 votes out of thousands of users probably doesn’t catch the attention of the people who make the decisions.


I totally agree! Just went through 300 tasks and it is very hard always to go through the long discriptions to reach the project tab. To change the project or give the task a project home is a key feature and workflow for me as power user that should be on top of the task details right to the due date. @Marie Why did ASANA does not hear all the voices in this threat. Did you know anything about?


Hi @Dennis1 and thanks for the mention!

I’m really sorry for the trouble, the best advice I can give you is to use the “TAB+P” shortcut to quickly access your task project field. I would also recommend to check out @ShunS solution; I haven’t tried it myself, but it might be a good alternative.

I’m aware a lot of users who have engaged here are having a hard time with this change; as you can imagine, we’re heavy Asana users ourselves, and although I massively rely on shortcut myself, it took me a while to get use to it… I’m keeping a close eye on your feedback and regularly report to our Product Team; but as it stands, I don’t believe we’re planning to roll this update back. If you want to learn more about the reasons that pushed us to make this move, have a look at my colleague post here; I know this won’t solve your issue, but hopefully, it will give you a better understanding of the situation.


I think the Chrome extension worked for me! I’m beyond excited!


I am using it since a few weeks, love it and can only recommend it. Thanks @ShunS