Typing Over Date Removes Recurring Schedule

This is related to Shortcut to open the due date on a task doesn't put the cursor in the text box.

I requested that an issue be fixed regarding the cursor not being in the text box when the shortcut to open the due date is used. That was fixed but now I noticed that, pressing control + a to select the date and then typing over the date, removing the recurring schedule. I can understand why it is happening (it appears as though I am deleting the date, so the recurring schedule should disappear) but I don’t think it should work that way. Thoughts?

Thanks for sharing your feedback @wreade! I see what you mean! I’ve sent a note to our product team so they can consider this option in future updates for the date picker.

@Emily_Roman, thanks! This is an especially big problem on the free account (I’m using Asana for my personal projects) because I can’t filter a search to potentially find the recurring tasks that are no longer recurring.