Two Efficiency Questions...

Hello Asana community! I’m a longtime Asana users, who has just started using it for an Agile Kanban board. I have 2 workflow questions I’m hoping someone can help me with. (Thanks in advance!)

  1. Is there an easy way to assign all my subtasks of a project to my Kanban board project? For example:
  • All our work is on the master Kanban board project.
  • All our projects get added through a submission Asana form. I add the parent project to Kanban board.
  • As I scope out the subtasks for each project, I have to manually open each subtask to assign it to the Kanban board, otherwise It won’t appear on my team’s backlog.

Is there an easier way to mass assign subtasks to a different project?

  1. Is there a way to assign my parent project’s title to my subtask? Where I’ve circled below, can I set the project so that every subtask includes the parent project’s title so that there is context to the task for the team at a glance without having to click through?

THANK YOU for any help you can provide, it is so greatly appreciated. Also, THANK YOU Asana for your awesome product we love it!

Use the advanced search and multi select them?

Same trick?

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I don’t see how that is possible. I looked back at my board and I may have miscommunicated -

The Project is : Kanban Board
The Task is: Website Discount (Which I added to the Kanban Board
The Subtasks need to manually be opened and added to the Kanban Board - is there a way to add all subtasks to the Kanban board at once?

When I multi-select my subtasks, how do I add them all to a project? I still have to open one to select the project. Is there a shortcut? See below my 2 subtasks selected… what is the next step?

Use the advanced search and the subtask only filter

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ohhhh! that worked! Thank you.

Do you have any tips on how to mass add text to a bunch of subtask titles?

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Not really no…

Thanks for the heads up!

I’m curious - the email notifications always include the project name in the title. Is there a way to apply that same concept to the name of tasks within the platform?

Nope, unless you write it yourself in the name. You want it in the notifcation? Don’t use email notifications, use the Inbox!