Turn off inbox notifications for 'task due today' & make a more noticeable inbox


How do I turn off inbox notifications for ‘task due today’. These are tasks that I created, are assigned to me, and of course are in ‘my tasks’ that I check regularly. So I dont need the inbox notification. I have turned off email notifications.
Could you make a more noticeable inbox. Instead of the orange dot, could you have a counter showing how many new notices there are and highlight or bold the new messages? I have to remember which ones were already read.


Hi @Adia_S and welcome to the Forum :wave:t3:

You can disable tasks due today following these steps

Regarding your second request, I would suggest to add your vote to this thread; hopefully this is something we can introduce next time we revisit the “Inbox” feature :slight_smile:


Great Question @Adia_S and thanks @Marie for the answer. Have been wondering how to do this for a while and didn’t even realise that Hack was available…