Tryying to insert the Ω symbol in Asana

The one used above was copied and pasted, this is a bit tedious. Does anybody use shortcuts for symbols like these that could point me in the right direction for how to achieve this please?

The symbol I posted is called “ohm” for reference.

Here are some possibilities:

  1. Copy & paste works (always good to have a texteditor handy with stuff you copy & paste alot)
  2. if on mac → use the show keyboard option
  3. if on windows → use unicode (ALT + unicoe number if i remember correctly)
  4. create a shortcut with built in system tools
  5. clipboard plugin

ALT and Unicode number on Windows requires a number pad on the keyboard which some don’t have. An alternative on Windows is to use ‘Character Map’ (which does require visually searching for the right character, which can be a while). For the Ohm symbol, that’s ALT 2126.
For Linux, this is hold Left CTRL and Shift and type U, then then code 2126.

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I forgot to mention, another way to work for this is to use a Text expander which Mac OS has some build in in the Keyboard settings as well as apps like TextExpander or TypeIt4Me, or on Windows you could use something like AutoHotKey which will replace typed text for you. For these, you could have it replace ‘OHM’ with the symbol.

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Hi Julian,

I don’t have a num pad so I opted for the auto hot keys program… First bit of code I have ever input! It worked first time as well I’m shocked! Thanks for help!