Trying to get refunded

I love Asana. Great workflow and easy to use and organize. So I decided to try the free trial. Well, it ended on January 1st and it slipped my mind to cancel it before I was charged. However, I immediately contacted customer support Jan 2nd to be downgraded and refunded. It’s a great plan and definitely worth it but my business is just not ready to pay $500 a year for this, when the basic is more than enough for now

It’s now January 9th and I can not get a response from the support team. The last response I got was to reply to them from my registered business domain email I used to sign up with (which is just a forwarding address so I cant actually email them from it.)

So this is my final attempt to try and get this resolved. This is very frustrating and VERY unprofessional in my opinion.

Hi Stefano, thank you for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear about this issue. I can see that our Support Team replied to you recently, so I’m wondering if the reply landed in your spam box.

For security reasons, we cannot discuss billing matters in a public channel, but I’ll follow up with you via email with more information.

Please let us know here if you don’t see our email message in the next few minutes.

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Thanks so much! Been resolved.