Trouble understanding Forms and what project they automatically pop up in.

I started building a Form with great enthusiasm today because we will find it quite helpful… I hope.

Anyhow, I built a Form within a Project that is saved as a Project Template.

I made the intuitive assumption that if the Project Template is used to create a New Project, that using the Form would automatically populate the task for the Form Submission into the New Project.

Unfortunately not. I’ve run several tests. I’ve made CERTAIN that I’m opening the New Project and opening the form from there. Every time I submit a form, it shows up in the Project Template…which seems kinda asisine to me.

How do I make the Form always show up in the Project from whence it was created, rather than the Template from whence it originated?

I cannot think of how Forms are supposed to work with project Templates, if the form task just shows up all the time in the original Template project.

Hi Matt, How are you accessing the form? Are you using the link? When you use the project template to create a project, the new project should have a form attached to it. But that means that the link to the new project’s form is unique.

I like to bookmark the link to the forms I use often. So in this case I would need to first create the new project (“TEST Eligibility Project”) using the template (“Eligibility Template”). Then I have to open “TEST Eligibility Project”, go to customize, and open the form. Then I can bookmark that form that feeds into “TEST Eligibility Project” specifically.

Hopefully that helps.

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Jenny, thank you for that quick reply.

I learned fairly quickly that using the link didn’t work (which is disappointing because I have a task called “Fill out the Form in this link”), but I can understand why that didn’t work.

I then tried (several times) opening the Forms from the “Customize” tab and filling it out from there. Even then, it dumped them all into the Project Template. I did 4 or 5 tries at it, from different browsers, because it just didn’t make sense. Every one of them populated in the Project Template rather than the New Project.

However. I tried it again, using the form from the “Customize” tab, and it worked. It put it in the New Project. I did it the same way I did the previous times, but it worked. Apparently it took Asana some time to “duplicate” the Form properly and I just tried a bit too quickly. Who knows.

I would like to blame myself and say that I was inadvertantly trying to run these tests through the Project Template, but I was cautious to make sure I was in the New Project when I opened the form. So, there was definitely something glitchy happening.

Glad it’s working now!

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