Triggers in Asana for certain processes..PLEASE HELP!

Hey community,

I’m reaching out because I have a questions as to the abilities within Asana. I am obviously a new user and I’d like to know the following:

Is Asana to be able to have automation from a time saving perspective i.e. if we onboard someone can Asana automatically send notifications say to x new employee to create a task to set up the email address, to assign him to Payroll, to Me to send welcome pack once they’ve signed the NDA etc? Kind of like a chain reaction of events via a task. So Task 1 would fire task 2,3,4, 5, etc and all assigned to specific people? Is that a possibility?

How so?
Thank you!

HI @Enrique_Murua welcome to Asana and the community.

No, not out of the box Asana can’t automate your workflow.

There are tools like Zapier that can do that, check this integration page to see the integrations available… One of the forum members @Bastien_Siebman also put this list together.

Hope this helps…


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Hey thanks for replying. I’ve been playing around with Zapier but there’s a little bit of a learning curve it seems. I imagine I would have to create a Zap from Asana to Asana and go from there…
Thank you.

No worries @Enrique_Murua I haven’t used Zapier too much but there are a lot of people in the community that have…


Thanks. If anyone has any experience in doing these Zaps please reach out to me. I am still learning and thanks Jason!

@paulminors is kinda the expert :slight_smile:

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While you might be able to do something with Zapier, could you not just use a template for on boarding? Much simpler.

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