Triggers and Rules in Portfolios

We deal with hundreds and hundreds of projects monthly which we group into multiple portfolios for capacity tracking and program/project management. Since Portfolios have a max limit of 250 projects how can we automate the removal of a project from a portfolio when a specific criteria is meant like the status or a custom field being set to “Release” or “Completed” for example?


Currently, there’s no native Asana solution other than writing your own app with the Asana API (unless an integration app like Zapier supports Portfolio no-code automation; I don’t think so).

Any chance the hundreds of projects might be small enough to consider making them parent tasks with subsections and subtasks, a topic I present in this workshop:

Because then you could do the things you’re asking in Asana “master” projects that mimic Portfolios but allow rules, etc. (with Asana Business or Enterprise).

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Each project requires about 32 individual tasks so no rolling them up into parent tasks is not an option. Guess we’ll keep looking.

Why the 250 project limit in portfolios?

Re the 250 projects limit in portfolios: I imagine there’s a potential performance impact to guard against, but I don’t really know for sure.

Re 32 tasks: I wouldn’t presume to recommend a solution without a proper discovery effort (beyond the scope of a forum post), but as a rule of thumb, 32 sounds like a pretty sparse project, especially given that you have hundreds and hundreds like this. And 32 is not a daunting number of subtasks for a single parent task (depending…).


I usually put the limit around 10-15 but if that would mean creating hundreds of projects, I would indeed think twice :slight_smile:


This was a great webinar. I just watched it today. I have been using Asana for 5 months already and thought I had it down, but this was really helpful to re-evaluate and simplify some of our current projects and workflows. Great rules of thumb to aid with consistency. Thanks for this one! :+1:t4:


Thank you so much @Mikayla_Santiago–You made my day!


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