Treat Subtasks as Nested Tasks - Modify Data Architecture

Hi Everyone,

I have noticed that there are many issues and wants related to subtasks. There are so many ways that subtasks are not allowed to be treated like tasks, creating exceptions to User Experience.

Subtasks should be treated just like Tasks, where subtasks are nested under tasks or other subtasks.

This would solve many other issues we are all looking to address. Ex:

  1. Allow Rules for Subtasks
  2. Provide subtasks with an expand button to see deeper subtasks
  3. Allow to automatically add subtasks to project because they are just like tasks

And I can probably find more to add to this list.


This is something discussed at length in many many posts. I even did a website because of how often it was asked about:

Thanks for letting me know. I just started with Asana about 1 month ago. We want to move many of our company teams to it, but as a few of us started exploring how we can best set up projects, the subtasks are turning out to be a huge limitation. I mean, if you create any subtasks, then you lose the ability to do any rules on them. That is a huge limit.

@Bastien_Siebman I don’t really have the bandwidth to do this but perhaps you want to create a Forum Leader Tip that documents in one place all of the limitations of subtasks…

I already wrote 📘 The tale of Jerod the unwise in the subtask maze let me now @Arthur_Sierzputowski if this helps.

Ah I forgot about Jerod’s journey! :clap:

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We miss him, don’t we all? :hugs:

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Indeed we do!