Treat List View and Board View as *separate* views with different way of organizing tasks

Right now, the List View and Board View are treated as different ways to visualize the same set of tasks. List is a vertical organization grouped by sections, and Board is a horizontal organization grouped by sections.

This is not right!

Board view should NOT be grouped by sections. Board view should have a completely independent view from List View.

The point of the Kanban is to track tasks across a workflow suck as todo, doing, done.
The point of the List view is to organize tasks by topic.

It is very frustrating that these are not treated as distinct views. Look, for example, at how Airtable or Monday handle this. That is the proper way to handle these different views.

Please reconsider the implementation of these different views, and allow users to group tasks in board view off different sections than in list view.

In short: list view and board view should not share the same categories as groupings. They should be distinct.

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