Transferring projects in to another user's account

New user needs help. Projects have been created by one user in his account. We want to transfer those to another user (different login, password etc). How?! Have tried exporting to .csv but the fields don’t match on import. Help!

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Hi @Philippa, sorry to hear about this trouble. Projects in Asana are located in spaces (Teams, Workspaces and Organizations) rather than in user accounts. Just to clarify, are these two users members of the same space where the Project has been created? If so, one user can simply add the other to the Project.

It’s also possible to move a Project from one Team to another. However, if they need to move the Project from one space (Workspace or Organization) to another, they can use the third-party integration Kothar. We cannot offer support for Kothar as we did not build it, but we are happy to recommend it.

Please let me know if this helps! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Vanessa. I think I have sussed out the .csv file issue.