Traffic light style report



Good Morning All,

We are evaluating Asana and liking it so far.

One of the things the team have asked me to look into is the option of creating a traffic light style report showing tasks with a red marker for overdue, amber coming due and green for future dated.

I’ve looked around the various add-ons and I’m not seeing a way of doing this yet. Can anyone recommend a way they have achieved this?



This is easy to do by having a custom field if you have premium addition. If you want it on every task it would be an advance search, multiple task select and then set your light.


Yup! Custom fields are perfect for this if you and your team want to mark something’s status. See instructions and demos in this Asana blog post

You’ll also probably enjoy Asana’s automatic settings for upcoming, today, and overdue tasks. A task’s due date is automatically colored grey for upcoming, green for due today, and red if it’s overdue.


Sounds great and the ‘traffic lights’ (red, amber, green) could automatically change based on due date ?


Ignore that. It sounds like the grey, green, red would work. Awesome. Thanks.


Could something similar be done at project level? With a project being highlighted the same colours automatically if it contains overdue tasks?


@john.macpherson I’m not 100% certain, but I bet it’s something you could investigate with the API. Although, I bet that could get pretty out of hand. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I just thought I would post back that this worked great for me thank you.

Going to look into the automatic status updates for the projects on the dashboard at a later date but that would be awesome.


Apologies, but just one other quick question.

I see the custom fields appear in the individual project list which is ace but is there any way of getting 1 or 3 custom fields to appear on the MY TASKS list?

It would be great to have that visual without having to search (which is no biggie)


Hi John. So happy to hear that this has worked for you! There’s nothing like hearing that you’ve been able to help someone. :blush: Regarding your follow up question, custom fields do not appear in My Tasks at this time. One workaround for that is to create a personal work tracking project that you use in addition to My Tasks. Hope this helps!


@Alexis, is this a feature Asana is working on or is it not on the roadmap?


@Dan_Olson Some bigger initiatives have been prioritized ahead of custom fields in My Tasks. You might be interested in knowing these key initiatives we’re working on:


Thanks, @Alexis! That was very informative. It’s nice to see Asana truly listening to ideas/concerns (as well as praises!).


That’s very nice of you to say! Thanks @Dan_Olson.