Traffic light button on task/sub



Can i put some kind of color on my task so that i can signal progression


sub task 1 - started (color green)
sub task 2 - waiting ( color yellow)
sub task 3 - waiting after my answer ( color orange)


Hi @Joaquim_Lopes

You can use tags to add colour to tasks and subtasks. If you want to see the subtask in your ‘My Tasks’ list, you just need to remember to assign it to yourself - subtasks don’t automatically inherit the main task’s attributes.

Here’s how it looks:

It works better in a list. On a board, you get colours but not the names of tags.


Hi Mark,

I’m trying this on personal projects and don’t have tags there i guess, is there a way to color differentiate tasks / subtasks on personal projects?


Ah, sorry, Joaquim. I hadn’t realised you were using personal projects. In that case, unfortunately, there’s no way to distinguish tasks by colour. You might be better setting up a personal project within an organisation instead.