Tracking Yearly Stats

My team wants to look into options for tracking where our time goes in a year span. Not in terms of actual hours and minutes, but how many tasks were completed for a “client” in a year. For example, it would be nice to know what “clients” take up the most of our time in a span of a year, maybe even by team.

Example: This year for (client) the web team completed (#) tasks and the design team completed (#) tasks.

We have separate project boards for our teams and also use tagging on individual tasks (for example a task may be in the web team board and be tagged as web content and could have a tag for the client and the year as well if we added it) but I don’t know how to, for example, export a spreadsheet that would show all tasks completed in 2020 for ____ client by a specific team.

I believe you’ll need a 3rd party dashboard solution, either an existing one or a custom dashboard (that I can create).

Hi @Elise_Holbrook,

Depending on how your clients projects are organised, you might be able to achieve this with the Advanced Search. For example, if you’ve created a Team for each clients, you can look for all tasks completed for this client by searching all completed tasks in their team. You can then sort these results by assignee to check who completed how many tasks for each client. To learn more about the Advanced Search, you can check out

Hope this helps, but let me know if you have any follow-up questions!


Thanks @Marie! I think that might actually be a great solution for us. I didn’t realize the advanced search option but if we consistently tag things, I think it may be a good solution!

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