Tracking the submitter metrics of form submissions (calculating days on PTO)

We are using Asana forms tor PTO and SICK day requests - and wondering if there is a way to track the metrics aligned to the Submitter/User. The task assignee is the manager, not the employee.

For example, if Joe submits 3 separate time off requests for 2 days each and that goes to their manager Jane for approval - is there somewhere that Jane or other HR personnel can easily pull up and see all of the requests that Joe has submitted? Or even better track the actual days used (date range on due date).

We have all of the APPROVED PTO added to a PTO calendar which syncs with Outlook calendar, but would be great to have a way to quickly pull all requests from a specific EMAIL - or have the PTO project add up total days requested by user.


Hey @Jessica_Delaney,

Utilizing forms, custom fields, and rules would be useful for your situation I believe.

Step 1: Create a single select custom field that has all of your employee names
Step 2: Create a form that has a field called “Employee Name” and make it required for the employee to fill out (in addition to any other fields you want to add to your form"
Step 3: Add a rule that has the trigger, “When task is added to the project” and action “Add collaborators” - (All of the HR personnel, etc)
Step 4: Create a dashboard chart that reports on the custom field “Employee Name”

This is a workaround, but once the manual work of setting it up is finished it will make your life a lot easier.

Let me know if you have any questions!