Tracking 1099 availability?

Is anyone using Asana to track the schedule/availability of 1099s that support your organization?

Hi @Steve_Bane

No, but I’m curious to understand more of the use-case :slight_smile:

And I could try to tell you how I would see that working in Asana.

Could you describe the need please?

@Arthur_BEGOU - we use 1099 staff to do some copyediting, QA work, etc. on some of the content we develop. For example, we have X hours of copyediting work to complete next week and need to pulse the pool of 1099 staff to see who’s available to complete that work.

We’re trying to gain better visibility into each 1099’s availability to support the work in a consolidated space (preferably Asana, as that’s where the tasks live). Other people I’ve asked have recommended platforms like Gusto or 1099 Pro.