Track Sales Opportunities

We are using Asana for each new sales opportunity to track progress tasks from Qualification through Post-Contract. If the opportunity ends mid-process, we are looking for the best way to report on that. Would you create a drop-down field that stays updated on what current stage the opp is in and have one of the options be that it ended in X phase? We are already using Milestones between phases to show progression, but we haven’t implemented a way to report on opps that drop out during Qualification or Proposal phases.

A drop-down field should work fine, and I think you would need a way to differentiate opportunities that are ongoing, vs. those that will not move forward. This could be simply via marking the opportunity complete when you know it won’t move forward, or a second custom field.

Hi @Heather_Beaudoin :wave:

I think that using a custom field as you suggested is one method for accomplishing this. Asana has a great guide on the basics of how to use it for Sales as well as many pre-made Sales templates. These are great starting points that you can then tweak to match your specific workflow needs.

If you are using a single Asana project to track all of your opportunities then another method that I use in a similar use case is having my project organized using the Board Layout where each column represents a separate stage in the process and each task represents a specific proposal. As I move that proposal to the next stage in the process I drag and drop it into the appropriate column. I also created a task template for a sales opportunity with subtasks that represent the completion of each stage and as I move the opportunity to a new stage, I also check the subtask as complete. If the opportunity doesn’t make it to the end of the process, I can simply leave it in the column that represents the final stage it was in and then complete the task. This will save that task as completed in that column so you can always go back and reference how far that opportunity made it in your pipeline.

If you are using projects to track sales opportunities (i.e. each new opportunity gets a new project made) then using a Portfolio to collect all of those projects and creating a custom dropdown field in the portfolio would be a good way to accomplish this.

If neither of these options fit your workflow please let me know as I would love to help you find a good solution!