Track progress toward number-based goal within a project

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We are using Asana to track sponsorship progress for an event. I have a field called “Sponsor Amount” where we fill in the dollar amount a sponsor agrees to. I’d like to create a chart on the dashboard that shows how many sponsorship funds we’ve brought in, compared to our goal. Ideally a progress bar that shows we’ve raised $X out of $X goal. Is that possible? I can’t figure out how to get it to display that way.

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If using Dashboards or Universal Reporting, you could hardcode the goal in the title of the chart. Given that you can’t otherwise show the total, perhaps use a simple Number (Sum) type chart, but it’s not so graphical.

If you’re on Asana Business or Enterprise, you could use a Goal and could specify the $ goal and see a bar, I believe.

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