Top 5 feature requests


I’ve been using Asana for 5+ years, and though I love the product, I feel that there is room for improvement around several feature requests that have remained stagnant for years. Thus, I wanted to initiate a post listing my top 5 feature requests. I invite other passionate users to contribute as well in the hope that we gain some traction and substantive feedback. Thank you.

  1. Organization of projects into sub-projects
  2. Custom fields in My Tasks
  3. Collapsible Sections
  4. Visibility of Sub-Tasks from project view (or at least an indicator)
  5. Desktop notifications (Chrome)

Additionally, I would like to see increased transparency of development team regarding the product road map. It is clear that many premium users like myself share a similar frustration that commonly requested improvements consistently receive generic responses and remain stagnant. Several of the items on my top 5 list were brought to the attention of product development years ago and I’m still waiting.

Thanks to all for your constructive input and to the development team for their thoughtful consideration of these requests.


Here’s my one, single, top priority feature request - Filtering on My Tasks.
I use boards across multiple projects, each board having the same Kanban style columns (Backlog, Up Next, In Progress, On Hold and Complete).
Being able to filter My Tasks on column title is more of a necessity than a nice to have.
e.g. Filter all tasks which are ‘In Progress’ across each of the boards.
Seeing all tasks, including those in the backlog for each project, just gives a cluttered view which is not useful.