Too many Notifications on Comments


When I upload a batch of photos as comments on a task, everyone gets individual emails for each photo. 47 photos uploaded? 47 emails to each follower!
Can this be fixed?


Hi @Matt_Michalak, one suggestion I have that might work, is that if you know you’re about to add a lot of comments to a given task, temporarily remove each of those people as Followers on the task. That should disable all notifications getting sent to them.

Once you add the comments, you can re-add those Followers so that they’re once again getting notifications.


Thanks for your feedback @Matt_Michalak and welcome to the Forum!

Beside the workaround outlined by @Drew_Shannon, we don’t currently have an option to prevent this behavior. Batching notifications might be a good alternative in this case (and this is something we already do for email notifications). Thanks again for your feedback, we will make sure to take it onboard for future improvements!