Too many Asana workspaces, need to get rid of one without deleting the account and associated gmail address


Browser: Chrome 58.0.3029
OS: Windows
Message: I was part of an workspace that we created. I have since moved on. We created gmail accounts specific to the job, not the person. We use the google login to login. That way when we moved on individually we turn over the gmail and password over and we were supposed to have no more access as the password would be changed by the new individual. However, I have other workspaces and use it in other parts of my life. I want to remove myself from the workspace but not the gmail that is associated with it as another person has taken over that role. I have removed all the gmail / password from my chrome, phone and such, but Asana still “sees” me as this role and still gives me access. I think I somehow linked them all together and don’t know how to break them apart. Is this making sense? Has anyone else had something like this?


Hi there,
Due to the sensitive nature of the question - specifically with regards to personal email addresses - this is the type of question that the support team will help you with. Please reach out to support here:

Thanks! I’m confident they’ll be able to help you find a solution :slight_smile:


I did that first and Kayla from support sent me here as they are too busy. I guess I will try again.


Sorry about the back and forth! I’ll go ahead and answer your question here, and we’ll just leave out the specific email addresses.

If I’m understanding your question correctly, you have an account set up that is linked to both a generic work email address and your personal address, is that correct? Unfortunately, there is no easy way to split an account in Asana, so resolving this issue will take a bit of work, and an email address that is not currently tied to your account. I’ve listed the steps for you below:

  1. Create an entirely new user account in Asana using the email address that is not linked to your user account (you may need to use an incognito browser window so that you are not redirected to the login page when doing this)

  2. From your existing account, invite your new account to all of your Workspaces and Organizations.

  3. Once you have joined all of your Workspaces and Organizations with your new account, reassign tasks from your existing user account to your new user account (you can bulk reassign tasks from your My Tasks list using the instructions here:

  4. After you have reassigned all of your tasks, you can deactivate/pass on your old account (find instructions to remove an email address here:

I hope this helps, good luck!