Too expensive of an upgrade to get Portfolios

I think it’s really bad that Asana has no meaningful project views unless one upgrades to a Business Tier to get Portfolios. Also, the Rules features in Premium level are next to useless.

Essentially, to get Asana to have the features we need means our user price goes from about $11 to $25 per month, about 127%. This seems like far too much, and I feel a bit baited and switched. Time to consider alternatives I guess. Didn’t want to go there.

@Kenneth_Obel, This doesn’t address the primary intent of your feedback, but if you’re looking for two potential non-Business Tier workarounds: 1) The Projects Dashboard option using Asana2Go option is free. The project tracking option requiring neither Asana2Go nor Business is something I could share as part of an hour consult.