Toggling List/Board on Android app

Does anyone know if its possible to toggle between list and board project views when using the android app?
I think the project appears on the app in the format it was originally created but although I can toggle the view on my desktop, I don’t seem to be able to do it in the app.

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I don’t have an Android phone, but waiting for someone else to respond, I can tell you that on iOS you can click below the project name at the top and that gives you a list of the layouts…

@Barry_Fanning, Yes, click Projects in the footer, go to a project, click the small down arrow in the header to the right of the project name for choice of List or Board (among other project views).


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Hah, thanks Larry - I knew it had to be something simple I was missing.

I didn’t even see that little grey arrow on my tiny phone screen.


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