Toggle feature to display hyperlinks with the underline always (not just upon hover)


We are looking to make our workspace as accessible as possible. Some folks have trouble seeing which text is hyperlinked when Display Theme = Light. In Dark, you can see that text is a hyperlink more clearly, but in Light it’s hard to see.

Is there a planned feature to add a toggle to the Display options for a User to always show the underline (not just show the underline upon hover)?

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Hello @Brooke_Petit,

As a “workaround” for now, would it help to set a standard of appending " :arrow_upper_right:" to the end of any hyperlink? For example, “” would become “ :arrow_upper_right:︎”.
I do this in my Asana for a different reason (to differentiate links —within— and —outside of— Asana).

If this might work — I can share how I use a free text expansion utility to make it quick and easy to produce the symbol (even easier than the Mac/Windows emoji menu shortcut) .

Paul Harren


Thank you, @Paul.Harren . A workaround is fine for now. We are used to using emojis to help visually separate things for other purposes and our team is willing to do so to support accessibility. I love how you use it to differentiate internal and external tasks.

Definitely curious what your solution is to produce the symbol even easier than the menu shortcut?

Hello @Brooke_Petit ,

I personally use espanso. It’s a free and open-source text expander. It is catered to users who can configure programs directly from a text editor (it doesn’t have a graphical interface). It’s easy to learn from the documentation on the website.

TextExpander is a very popular paid alternative. If you’re looking for control of “snippets” across your team, and want extra powerful expansion capability (like populating multiple fields at once in an email), this would be a better fit.

Back to espanso, and addressing your question — in short, I have set up the trigger of lll (three “Ls”) to expand into ‎‎‏‏‎ ‎↗︎. My configuration file looks like:

Espanso config snippet - Link emoji

You can spot from my image that I have other triple letters that become “:dart:” and “:fire:”. I like triple letters for emoji, partly because I can type them with one hand. For many of my other triggers, I start them with “;”:

Espanso config snippet - Thank you

There is much more to espanso. It can grab the day’s date (or a date X days past or future), it can output in markdown or HTML formatting, and more. If you want to try this out, feel free to DM me with more questions. I can prepare a Loom video that covers how to get started in just a few minutes.

–Paul Harren

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@Paul.Harren , thank you so much! I went with espanso and now have an easy way to insert arrows quickly. :arrow_upper_right: :slight_smile:

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Wonderful! Now that you have it I am sure you’ll continue to think of useful shortcuts :slight_smile:


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