Today I Learned (TIL) - week of 7/31


Welcome to the Today I Learned thread for the week of July 31st. Tell us what you learned about Asana today!

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It may seem obvious, but I recently learned I can save a search. I’m a project coordinator for our team so I put in a ton of requests and tasks for our entire team. By saving the search and bookmarking it, everytime I open Asana I see a list of tasks that I’ve assigned to others, sorted by due date. This allows me to see who is on track with what and helps us from losing the smaller projects in the shuffle.


How do you save a search? And how do you see what you’ve assigned others??


Awesome that you learned about the saved search, @Jessica_Cathcart! Such a great tool. @Tanya_Chan here’s how you save a search :tada:


I learned about custom fields this week and shared with my team :slight_smile:


Awesome! How are you and your team using custom fields?


TIL that you cannot archive templates you have created because then you cannot see them as a template when creating a new project. I went around that by creating a team name “Templates” and minimizing that on the sidebar so that they aren’t visible.


TIL that I can quickly add a date by pressing TAB + D. This way, one can simply type the date and doesn’t have to click on and through the calendar. This is especially helpful for due dates beyond the current month. :+1:


I also learned that after you’ve typed Tab+D, you can type the date - Today, Tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday, etc.

The fewer clicks, the better.