To find out how long you've been procrastinating on a task


Hello, I’m trying to see if there’s a way for me to see / visualise how long I’ve been pushing back a task deadline.

Example: I create a task today for three weeks from now. When the due date comes, I keep postponing the task by 1 or 2 days each time as other work has taken up time. Is there a way for me to easily identify which are the tasks I’ve be chronically postponing like this? (I’m aware that I can click on the task to see the thread below which shows what dates I’ve changed. I’m wondering if there is a high level overview which says, “hey, you’ve been postponing these three tasks for 4 months now, these other ones for 3 months, and so on”)

Would be useful to quickly identify and clear clutter.



I also have thought about that, but could not think of a possible solution myself… will be good to have a feature which will somehow easily give this information.


@Abishek_Balasubraman this is a great question.

I’m not sure there’s a perfect solution here, but you could run an Advanced Search report for tasks assigned to you with an upcoming Due Date and a recent Modification Date.

Once you have the results, you could export them to excel to see the creation date and due date to see the tasks that were created many days ago and still incomplete. It’s not perfect, but it would allow you to identify tasks that have been around for a while.


Thanks Kaitie. One more reason for persuading management on Premium subscription :slight_smile: