Tip: Private Chats in Asana


Do you want to use Asana for private casual chats? Here’s how I do it:
I created a team called PRIVATE CHATS and invite everyone to join. Then I create a project called [Instructions] with these tasks.

  1. Create a project called “[first name] [last name]” e.g. John Smith
  2. Make the project Private to you only - -this is now your private channel.
  3. Create a task as subject of your discussion and type your message in the comment box.
  4. @mention or add the person(s) you want to communicate with on this subject as a task follower(s)
  5. Since this task is private to you and the person(s) you invited as follower(s), it’s only visible to you and him/her/them and to no one else and the conversation is totally private, as well as files added etc.
  6. You may even assign action tasks to each other if needed using subtasks.


Good idea.


Great idea @Thierry_Bechard! Thank you for sharing, I think lots of people will find value in this.

I do something similar, but instead of creating unique projects for individuals, I create unique tasks. Here’s an example of how I do it:

  • Project called “Alexis private chats”
  • The project is private to me, so by default all tasks are private to me
  • Each new task is a new conversation with someone. The task is private to followers. So, I add the person who I’d like to have a private conversation with as a follower.

…and voila! Private conversations.

I also have private conversations with my manager in a 1:1 project that is private to us. We’re able to keep track of all our meetings and all our conversations in this one private project.


@Alexis and @Bastien_Siebman thanks for the tips! Really valuable! :wink:


@Alexis. Thanks Alexis. However your way is exactly how I do it. :smile: look in the picture and you’ll see my private project (my name) in the PRIVATE CHATS team. And inside the unique tasks as subject of what I want to talk about.
I also added a public project [instructions] to show others how I do it.

I like your idea of creating other private projects for 1on1 private discussions. However this option would only be available to premium users. Yet another incentive to upgrade guys. :wink: