Timer or manual?

Hi there! I’m using API version 5.0.3 in Python.
In brief, I get time from a task using get_time_tracking_entries_for_task . Is there a way to determine whether the time was entered manually or recorded using a timer?

Hi @keloryka1337,

Welcome to our community forum. To answer your question:

I don’t believe the Asana API distinguishes between a time tracking entry that was entered manually vs a time tracking entry started using the “Start timer” button on a task for the Get time tracking entries for a task endpoint:

EX: Manual time tracking entry

EX: “Start timer” button

I don’t see a property in the Time Tracking Entry schema that would indicate this. Perhaps we could repurpose the “created_by” property to be a different user but it makes sense why the “Start timer” button time tracking entry has the “created_by” be the user that pressed the button.

Can you elaborate more on your use case?

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