Timely project snapshot

Our team is using Asana for project plannig, developing backlogs and weekly sprints in boards. What would be really useful is having an opportunity to visually see activities during chosen time and see difference (by color or transparency setting) between two timeframes. Now I am driven out of Asana to do that. I am taking screen snapshots and then compare them externally.
That would be a really useful feature.



Hi @Dainius_Gudavicius and welcome to the Forum!

We just released a new Workload feature which allows you to visualize a snapshot of your team capacity and a closer look into what your team is working on across projects; you can check it out here :point_right:https://asana.com/guide/help/premium/workload

Hope this helps; have a great Monday :slight_smile:

Hello Marie,

yeah we’re familiar with Workload and its definitely good feature which we will use. The thing I request about is quite different. Every user action has a time stamp, but there’s no way to visualize how these actions occurred in a timeline or even visually see changes on the board or list. It would be really helpful to have track of what happened through chosen time period.