Timelines - 3 items of feedback



Timeline view is something we were really excited about - since it would allow us to simply our workflow by using Asana instead of various Gantt and Excel approaches we have in place today.

After trying it, however, we were unable to adopt it due to some arguable minor, but non-negotiable workflow issues. Please consider addressing the following:

  1. “Assigned To” icon disappears when zoomed out to month view.

We intend to use Timeline to mostly lay out our project-level view - where each task on the timeline represent a project and we need to see a couple of months worth of work, and who will be assigned to each. In our opinion - “assigned to” should never be hidden to save space.

  1. The title of each task is aligned to the left boundary of the task “rectangle” and is not visible if you scroll the timeline where you no longer see the beginning of the task.

If you have a task that begin in June and ends in July - if you scroll timeline to where you no longer see June - you will not be able to see the title of the task. Ideally, both “assigned to” and the title should stay within the viewport. It is not useful to see an empty bar with no information on it.

  1. When zooming out to the level where you see couple of months at a time - it would be ideal if each month was sub-divided into sections representing weeks.

When planning at month level it’s helpful to divide it into 4 sections roughly representing weeks of the month.

Thank you for working to continuously improve Asana!


This seems very discouraging to be honest. Having submitted a detailed explanation of relatively simple to address deficiencies in the product a week ago - and not a single confirmation from the product team.


In timeline view - being able to split timeline up horizontally into a swim lanes would be most useful. the titles of swim-lanes could be defined by a multiple-choice custom field attached to the project.


Hi Vlad,

I’m the product manager for Timeline and I wanted to express my gratitude for your very detailed feedback here. I’ve been a fly on the wall reading your feedback. We’ve heard you and your feedback is valuable input to our product development process. As an example, we’ve already launched improvements to address the problem you’ve raised in #2 bullet point of your 1st comment. Additionally, we’ve taken the first step to address our users’ desire for swim lanes. We’re continuing to improve Timeline so stay-tuned for more goodies coming in the near future!



Super, thanks for your reply!