Timeline view - display more than 1 year in "Years" view + export the timeline visually (PNG/PDF)

Hi @Emily_Roman,

I am bringing up a known issue regarding Timeline views (days, months, quatres, years). There is a post about it here:

The post was closed about 10 weeks ago marked as resolved. My problem is that I don’t believe it to be properly resolved.

The “Years” option zooms out enough to display a bit more that 1 year (on a 27" 4K display). If you want to view more than that, you need to zoom out the entire app, which in itself is tricky (I wrote about this in a different post - don’t understand why this isn’t being fixed).

The situation is that if you want a project overview of say 3 or more years ahead, it is almost impossible, and what is possible looks terrible.

There should be an option to zoom in and out in years, maybe something like a volume slider but with a years scale. And most importantly without effecting the entire app (when zooming in and out with ctrl+/-, the entire app shrinks or zooms making everything else hard to read).

I also strongly believe there should be an “Export Timeline” option, with a “choose Range” option, in fact I would settle for just an export if zooming out is impossible.

This would make a huge difference and bring asana another step forward to being an actuate alternative to a project Gantt tool.

I hope to see asana implement this.

Thank you,

Hi @Itay_Kurgan, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us! You are right, it’s currently possible to zoom out by years in Timeline, however, it’s limited to 1 year view. We don’t have immediate plans to implement this option but I will keep this thread open and will share information with you as soon as I have any news :slight_smile:

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