Timeline showing some–but not all—tasks and sub-tasks with assigned dates



My project timeline is showing some of the tasks and subtasks along with their assigned dates and dependencies, but is not showing other tasks and subtasks that have assigned dates and dependencies. I’ve looked carefully at my project and can’t identify anything different about the items that are showing in the timeline and the items that aren’t showing in the timeline.

I’ve contacted Asana about this but I have a tight turn-time to get this problem resolved, and thought I would see if any community experts here can help me. Thanks in advance!


Hi @Tara_Eames and welcome to the Forum :wave:t3:

If your tasks are assigned and have a due date, but aren’t showing up on your Timeline, it’s probably because they are not associated with the project to which your timeline belongs to.

This typically happens with subtasks; since they do not inherit from their parent task project, you need to manually associate them with their project following these steps. Can you verify that the missing tasks are associated with the main project?

Looking forward to your reply!