Timeline - Option to Hide Closed Tasks



Like the standard task list view, I would like to to hide close tasks in the Timeline view. This would provide a more succinct view of current/planned work.


Having a timeline is a huge step forward and I applaud this development. Now I just need to find out how to hide completed tasks when viewing the timeline. Any ideas?

Introducing Asana Timeline: create and view project timelines

Agree! It would be great if we could hide completed tasks on the timeline.


Also agree, hoping the view filter gets implemented for timeline like it is for lists!


Does anyone know if this was implemented, i would love to see only incompleted tasks in timeline. thanks


No, I have not heard that this was done and I assume we’d get an update in this thread.


No news on this? I think this is a horrible implementation of something that should be very useful. But as it is now, all completed tasks are making timeline and calendar almost useless. This, together with the lack of good user permission customization, are actually real deal breakers for us. I plan on starting to try out other programs this week.


The not-so-satisfying workaround I’ve chosen, to keep my timelines useable and uncluttered with completed tasks, is to periodically move completed tasks from my “Panda” project to “Panda Parking Lot”. Most busy projects have acquired their own Parking Lots, and that’s where I move tasks that I just don’t want to see - either because they’re completed, or incomplete but low priority or otherwise not actionable or important.

This workaround breaks the progress graph, of course…that price is worth it to keep timelines useable.


Where are we at with this? Should be simple to just check the complete status before rendering the calader or timeline. I definitely need to hide completed tasks from the timeline view or its hard to tell what’s left to do in complex projects.